Fiber Project Expansion Plans Now Underway

Their are seven projects currently underway and scheduled to be completed in 2023. All of the following have been engineered and are in Phase 3 of construction.     

  •         In Bonita: the residential area of the Fort Grant Prison, the west end of Sunset Loop, and a majority of the customers in the Bonita/Klondyke area.
  •         In Pearce: an area east of Cochise Stronghold Rd running north and south of Ironwood Rd, and an area off of Cochise Stronghold Rd along Dreamcatcher Road.
  •         In Sunizona, the northeast area of 181 and Turkey Creek Rd commonly referred to as Rock Creek.
For details and maps click here for our Fiber Expansion page.

There are additional projects that will be engineered this year with plans for construction in 2024.

  •         The Village of Columbus, New Mexico along with two outlying areas.
  •         Three projects in Elfrida to include the following:
    • an area including East of McNeal,
    • an area encompassing Central Hwy and Ute Rd.
    • an area including Central Hwy in the vicinity of the White Water Reserve.
  •         Six projects in Pearce, to include the following:
    • an area encompassing Dragoon Rd and Mesquite Road,
    • an area east and west of Desert Road running south of Highland to Pearce Road,
    • an area north of Sunsites along Hwy 191 from Birch Road to High St,
    • an area south of Sunsites west of Hwy 191 from Treasure Rd to Highland Road,
    • an area including Orange running West of Rte 191
    • an area including South Kansas Settlement Rd
  •         One project in Sunizona to include an area north and south of Hwy 181 and west of where Hwy 181 bends north.
For details and maps click here for our Fiber Expansion page.

Installation 01 - Fiber Location

Installation 02 - Trenching and Boring

Installation 03 - Obstructions and Fiber Pull

Installation 04 - Connecting the Fiber

Installation 05 - Fiber Installation from Terminal to Home


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