Give Them The Boot and Save!

Give your current internet provider the boot and switch to Valley TeleCom.

Hiking. Combat. Snow. Cowboy. Whichever type of boots you wear, step on over to Valley TeleCom to experience fast unlimited Internet. Valley has speeds up to a Gig, and with their Premium Valley WiFi you get security protection for your entire network of smart devices. 

Fill out the form below and get Premium Valley WiFi FREE for 3 months plus 60 bucks off your first bill! Go to for details.

Give your Internet provider the boot and switch to Valley TeleCom! Celebrating 60 years of service.

Restrictions apply. Offer good for a limited time.

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I am interested in switching to Valley TeleCom and getting FREE Valley Premium WiFi with security protection for three months plus $60 off on my first bill.

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Give Them The Boot and Save!

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