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We are excited to share the news that Valley Telephone Cooperative, LLC has been designated as a Smart Rural Community provider!

What is a Smart Rural Community?

What does it mean to be a Smart Rural Community? It means that homes, businesses, schools, and public facilities all have access to high-speed broadband and utilize that broadband connection to improve economic, educational, health and social conditions for their communities!

Member providers work tirelessly to keep small-town America connected. Valley collaborates on broadband-enabled projects that provide technology for distance learning, enhance state-of-the-art health care through telemedicine, and encourage entrepreneurship and economic development. These initiatives, among others, help to connect rural communities and keep them advancing towards a future-proof sustainable infrastructure.

NTCA - the Rural Broadband Association has recognized and defined a Smart Rural Provider as one that can:
• Provide broadband to at least 50% of its service area – meeting or exceeding the FCC broadband speed definition of 100 Mbps down. Valley TeleCom offers internet speeds up to 1 Gig.
• Demonstrate that 50% of its customers subscribe to and use the broadband service.
• Exhibit a stated commitment to collaborate actively with other local leaders, including school districts, health care providers, public safety officials, and businesses who work together to incorporate broadband-enabled applications into those facets of rural life. 

Valley Currently Provides Service to:

20 Schools, 7 Libraries, 2 Hospitals, 10 Medical Clinics, 1 Airport, 1 Fire Department, 4 Police Stations, 2 Community Colleges

Smart Rural Community Providers Like Valley TeleCom Work For You

About Valley TeleCom Group

Valley TeleCom Group is a leader in state-of-the-art broadband services to residential and business customers throughout service exchanges in Arizona and New Mexico. Valley TeleCom offers both residential and business services in a wide variety of speeds and capacities featuring unlimited data in every plan.


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