Valley TeleCom Executive Team

Troy Judd, CEO

Troy Judd


Troy Judd was named CEO of Valley TeleCom Group (VTG) in 2023. His career with Valley started 24 years ago as a staff accountant and his career progression led him to serve as CFO for over 18 years. With his new role as CEO, Troy is focusing on the operations side of the cooperative. This includes engineering, construction, installation, IT system administration, human resources, and marketing. Before joining VTG, Troy was employed with the telecommunications division of the auditing firm Bolinger, Segars, Gilbert & Moss. Troy has an accounting degree from Western NM University, Silver City NM.

Kristi Lee, CFO

Kristi Lee


Kristi Lee has been employed with the organization for her entire 31-year career. Kristi’s experience in the telecommunications industry spans customer service, billing, accounting, and operations. Kristi was appointed to the position of Chief Financial Officer in 2023. Previously Kristi has served in several executive roles including Chief Operations Officer and Chief Information Officer, she has served VTG as an executive officer for over 25 years. Kristi has been actively involved in regulatory decision making and her previous experience with accounting, billing, and plant operations within the company will help VTG meet the needs of the CFO position. This will put VTG in a much better position to handle all current and upcoming regulatory and public demands.

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