Premium WiFi Support Library

How to set up your system

How to set up your system U4

How to set up your mesh (wired)

How to set up your mesh

Connecting wired devices

Basic Parental Controls

Setting Up WiFi and the App

Main Dashboard of the App

People, Places and Things

Setting up a Guest Network

Performing a Bandwidth Test

Viewing Network Usage

Changing Name and Password

Enable and Disable Apps

The Settings Menu of the App

Viewing Connected Devices

GigaSpire u4 Mesh Wireless

GigaSpire u4 Mesh Wired

All about ProtectIQ

ExperienceIQ: Adding Filters

ExperienceIQ: View Usage

ExperienceIQ: Notifications

ExperienceIQ: Setting up Profiles

ExperienceIQ: Time Limits

ExperienceIQ: Setting Priorities

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