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Every other Tuesday at 2:00PM sharp, our social media guru Bob Dahlstrom makes his appearance on Valley’s Facebook page in a live webcast as part of our efforts to connect with customers and other followers of our social media focus. Each webcast runs on average about ten minutes and highlights everything from current promos and projects like the “Thatcher Build Out” and upcoming events, to technology updates and opportunities like scholarships. This is also the time and place where Bob gets to have some fun with people through various contests for all kinds of cool giveaways and prizes. He also interacts with viewers when they comment or say hello to give it a real personal touch. And you never know where Bob might be doing his webcast from whether it’s our own studios or front conference room at the Willcox HQ or the rooftop of our Safford office or maybe from one of our local businesses that subscribe to services. Check out Valley Live with Bob Dahlstrom and you might just learn something new about what we’ve been up to and what’s going on.
(Pictured: Bob Dahlstrom in front of his iPhone and pictured on an iPhone during a recent episode of “Valley Live)

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