Valley TeleCom Partners with Graham County

The Graham County Board of Supervisors recently approved a resolution to partner with Valley Telecom Group for a grant that would bring fiber optic internet connection to homes and businesses in the areas of Pima, Bryce, Eden and Fort Thomas. The grant is part of the Arizona Broadband Development Grant Program (ABDG) – a $100 million project under the Arizona Commerce Authority that represents one of the largest broadband investments in state history. The funding is focused on helping communities to construct or improve broadband infrastructure in rural areas. If awarded, both Graham County and Valley Telecom would match funds of up to $730,000 for the grant, with the county using funds from its last round of COVID relief money from the American Rescue Plan Act to bolster its application. The project in Graham is estimated to cost around $4.8 million.

To see the whole story click here.


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