2020 Service Expansions

Throughout the year of 2020, Valley has continued to upgrade internet offerings over a large variety of the communities and surrounding areas we serve. As of November of this year, we continue with our DSL to fiber cut-overs in Morenci (now going into phase 4) as well as both the Loma Linda and Verde Lee  neighborhoods in Clifton. We are also currently working on Historic Chase Creek Street in downtown Clifton. Some other areas with recently completed fiber connections that we continue to work in are found in the Cochise and Pearce areas. We also completed some connectivity in Sunizona not too long ago and just finished our Fixed Wireless install for the Stewart Tower North of Willcox. Another of our major expansions was for the city of Tombstone with two new Fixed Wireless radio installations that allow us to cover the entire city plus some outlying areas. It is our goal to meet or exceed all expectations for increasing service to as many customers as possible over the next five years and we will continue our expansions and service upgrades on a constant basis to service the needs of our customers.


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