Greenlee County Livestock Show

County Fairs are always a big deal in our serving areas and Valley usually participates as a vendor with a booth space for interacting and educating patrons about services and internet use. With the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, changes had to be put in place and the main concentration became about the Junior Livestock Shows and Auctions that help raise funding for 4H and FFA activities. In Greenlee County, Valley jumped in as a sponsor to help by streaming the entire show and auction over Zoom and also sent a video and audio feed to to separate overflow areas so audience members who could not be inside the livestock barn areas could still see and hear all the action. It also helped for the auction as bidding was facilitated over the internet for those who could not be in attendance. Sometimes sponsorship comes in many forms and we were really happy to be of assistance with equipment and expertise to help make things happen this year for the Greenlee County Fair when they needed our help.


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