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High-Speed Internet Service

Incredibly Fast Internet Service from Valley TeleCom.

Man Performs High Speed Internet Search

Get up to 10Mb* of High-Speed Internet for the utmost in on-line connectivity from Valley TeleCom group. 

At Valley TeleCom Group, we provide great, high-speed internet service in all our Arizona and New Mexico service areas including both Safford and Willcox, AZ. Discover all our great pricing on bundled services including Phone, Internet and Digital TV below.

High Speed Internet Pricing for VIP Access Bundle

High Speed Internet Pricing for Net Access Bundle and Speed Boost


We are continually expanding our broadband network to better serve you with both our Fiber and Non-Fiber service areas. To check availability in your area call us at: 1-800-421-5711..

Additional Features


Additional E-mail Account

$5.00 / month


Internet Content Filtration

$2.50 / month

Protects you and your family from accidental exposure to offensive material. You can revert to unfiltered Internet with a password. This service does not filter content to e-mail.

E-Mail Assistant

$1.50 / month

Most suspicious e-mail is quarantined in a password protected Web-based message center.


Computer Requirements

PC: Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) 10/100 Base T or available PCI, ISA, or PCMCIA expansion slot for NIC

MAC: Ethernet 10 base T port or an available expansion slot for Network Interface Card (NIC)

*Not all speeds and services available in all areas to all subscribers. Taxes, fees and restrictions apply.

Price does not include applicable taxes and regulatory fees.

Acceptable Use Policy

Read the Acceptable Use Policy for your VTG Internet access


AZ - Portal Cochise (Non-Fiber)

       High Speed Internet | Save Rural Broadband

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