Enjoy Wireless internet anywhere in your home or business with Valley WiFi and WiFi+

Keep your home and business happy with bandwidth for every device, everywhere. .

Experience Valley WiFi throughout your home and office to keep all of your devices connected to our unlimited internet. Leave it to Valley to make sure you have enough internet bandwidth and a WiFi network to support it. Worry FREE WiFi,
No Equipment Costs, Remote Troubleshooting Assistance.

Valley WiFi
$6.95 / Mo

Benefits of Valley WiFi

  • Powerful router provided by Valley.
  • Worry free equipment maintenance.
  • Remote troubleshooting assistance.
  • No up front costs!

Valley WiFi+
$11.95 / Mo
Additional units available at discounted rate.

Benefits of Valley WiFi+

  • Extends WiFi signal to hard to reach areas.
  • Extends WiFi signal to outdoor spaces.
  • Worry free equipment maintenance.
  • No up front costs!

Call 800.421.5711 For More Details

WiFi Everywhere

Internet Support Funtion

  • Detect number of devices accessing WiFi.
  • Determine strength of WiFi signal.
  • Detect interference from other electronics.
  • Configure WiFi for the best experience.
  • Adjust WiFi configuration as needed.

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