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 Business High Speed Internet


Business a la carte DSL

(Speeds and Pricing*)

3Mb dn 512k up $49.95
5Mb dn 512k up $59.95
10Mb dn 1.5 Mb up $69.95


Business a la carte Fiber

(Speeds and Pricing*)

20Mb dn 5Mb up $69.95
50Mb dn 10Mb up $79.95
100Mb dn 15Mb up $129.95
250Mb dn 20Mb up $179.95
500Mb dn 25Mb up $229.95

High Speed Internet is now one of the most important elements for doing business in this day and age whether locally, state-wide, nationally or internationally. With Valley TeleCom Group, you can rest assured that you're getting a dependable fast speed with a rock-solid connection at a very affordable price meant to help your business.

*Rates and speeds may vary based on customer's location, equipment and other factors




























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